Monday, July 14, 2008

just another day

Well, Tony's back at work again.... I took him to Cincinnati yesterday evening, after seeing mom for a bit first. She's looking a little better, her colors improving. She's down to 55% oxygen so thats a really good thing. at first, she had been up to 100% then 80%. The ventilator is set at 18 breaths/minute for her but when we were in the room yesterday with her, she kept peaking at 25-29 breaths/min and making the machine beep at her.
Wishard on Saturday had a uniform sale going on over in the cafeteria so I went in there. I found 2 pairs of the navy blue pants I have to wear for school, Dickies brand so I know they'll last longer then those tissue-paper ones they give us at school, for $15 & $16. I also got a scrub top that has the psycho bunny on it and says " reduce global warming, buy me ice cream" then got a stethescope and name badge for it. Now I won't have to worry about getting one for clinicals when the time comes. I love looking through the scrub sales like that, I thought about getting another jacket but don't need one since its hot outside & the classrooms really aren't that cold most days. I just like seeing the different patterns they have available.

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