Saturday, July 26, 2008

update of the last few days

Well, the doctors found out that mom couldn't breathe without the vent tube in cause her throat was either swelled up or something in there blocking it. They put the tube back in & she was able to breathe on her own cause the tube held her air passage open. So they put a trach in & she came through that with flying colors. Other then wanting to get out of bed now since she's sitting propped up in bed more (& giving a guilt trip & tears when you don't lower the railing) then she's doing incredible. Monday morning they're going to transfer her to a rehab/assisted living place over in Greenwood. That'll be so nice to have her out of ICU. We got special permission to take Brody & Tia in to see her the other day (Thursday) and they were thrilled with the idea. Tia gave mom a kiss on the cheek when we first got in the room but was scared to touch her otherwise. Brody was so upset by seeing her like that, poor thing was crying & hiding behind me. He was saying that the dr's cutting her throat like that was gonna make her die. I felt so bad for them so we only had them back there about 2 or 3 minutes. The kids are calmed down again now but just saying they want to wait til mom's in a regular room before seeing her again.

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