Thursday, July 17, 2008

part B for the day

I went to the hospital to see mom after I'd picked the kids up when I got out of school. Tony's been there all day so he stayed in the CCU waiting room with the kids while I went in to set with mom for a bit. As long as one of us is in there with her then they take the straps off her wrists but if no one's in the room they have to keep her wrists strapped loosely cause she keeps trying to pull out the vent & feeding tubes from her throat. She also likes to chew on them so thankfully they're made of flexible plastic :) Anyways I was setting there with her today & she was a lot more responsive then she's been before now.She kept reaching for my second hand when I'd hold her hand & then pull with both of her hands & lift her shoulders a bit off the bed like she was trying to get me to help set her up. I kinda laughed then told her if she kept it up I was gonna set down in that chair by the bed. She did it again so I set down & only held the one hand. She somehow managed to pick up the pillow along her side enough to smack me in the face with it. lmao. I just laughed about it. I'm so glad to see her being feisty & showing signs of her real self still in there.

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