Thursday, July 17, 2008

the ongoing saga of adoption

all the bolded ones are his emails to me, the italics are mine back to him. I'm just so tired of all the drama & bs. I know the easiest way would be just to get the papers done & over with but I keep thinking in the back of mind that maybe he'll wake up & realize what he's doing

June 17:
I was wondering what the verdict is on the papers you were waiting for from the lawyer? and i know you have been redoing house due to storm but was just wondering?

June 26:
Hey was just wondering if you have heard any more, and hope is going well that way.
July 16:
(I forgot to blind copy my reply to him back to myself so I'd have it on record but basically told him I'm sick & tired of him wasting energy IM'ing me when I have more important priorities in life then worrying about his bills, like worrying if my mama in law is gonna survive from day to day)

Ok first of all you dont have to sound so HATEFUL i just asked you a simple question because you told me that you were going to do it , and the reason why i ask you to do it is because you are the one with all the money and also i have had to put all of my money right now in to dr bills due to finding out i am diabetic and the medication isnt cheap as if it were any of your business any how,We are sorry to hear about your mother-in-law but that is no reason for you to jump on me and once i do get the money if i do i will do it, unless you change your mind and still do it (the papers). We just simply needed to know because some times you forget to get ahold of us.And also why couldnt you just drop the case, you cant say that you cant because we have recieved that letter from them and they say as long as you are not on any kind of public assistance then you can. Its not the fact we are trying to have you worry about our bills we are just telling you how it is and you dont have to treat any one that way no matter how pissed or how mad you are at them.Excuse us all to hell for trying to live!!!

July 16:
I have looked online and have found out that you have to do it because tony would be the one that is adopting them, but anyhow i have found a site that you can do it yourself and then file the papers with the courts here is the link if you are gouing to do it
July 16:
I had spoke with this company and they were for Indiana and i asked questions about Tony adopting them and they said that if he wants to adopt them then you 2 need to do the paper work and then they would send us the paper work to sign and then just you and Tony and the kids would have to go to court so if you want to still do this let me know I just want to get this done and over.

(my reply to that last one:
I looked at the links you sent and am completely willing to sign any papers needed but I'm not paying for it, thats too much money for us to come up with for an extra bill. and no, I'm not being hateful as that requires too much energy. I just don't feel like it does any good to bite my tongue around you so I didn't bother this time. I don't say it to be hurtful or mean, just saying it as I saw it. )

well what about the ones that i sent you to do it ourselves and is all we have to do is send them into the courts for $27.95? But like i told you in the one email i spoke to a lawyer and they said that if Tony wants to adopt them that you would have to do the papers on your side? and i sign the one giving up parental rights.and then you take it into the clerk of courts and then they will give you a court date and the only ones that need to be there is you and Tony and the kids.

This is the one for $9.95
and this one is for $27.97

(I told him on that last one that the $10 one is for California, not Indiana)

It really gets me how he can be so insistent on getting rid of his kids. He's been demanding me for the past several months to go file adoption papers so he can give up all parental rights to the children. All because he doesn't want to pay $139 a week for the 2 kids.

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